Thursday, December 16, 2010

Get Real Action

Drinking and Driving

Just in time for the holidays!
My poster for drinking and driving. Working on this piece was a roller coaster of emotions. I started of really excited and enthusiastic. Once my sketch was approved I jumped right into the painting! Once I got about half way through the painting I was becoming unsure of myself and even my idea. I struggled through to complete the painting and fix up my mistakes but I still wasn't pleased. Once I finished the painting I realized how unhappy I was with it and thought I could do better, so I started a new one. I was excited to re-start and make the painting even better.Half way through that painting I realized I liked the 1st one better. Then I went beck to that one, scanned it, printed it and applied the wine stains. I went to class to present the finished. As soon as I hung it up though I was no longer happy or confident about it. The class liked it but that still hasn't changed my view of it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


My college had a visiting artist this past week, Gabi Gampanario, or the Seattle sketcher. He makes a living doing urban sketches that relates with a story he will be posting in the newspaper. Since Gabi was coming to visit my illustration teacher encouraged us to go out a do some urban sketching of our own, somewhere around town that we might want to talk someone or to show people who are visiting.
So I did the sketches above and bellow of this playground right off the bay. I tend to visit it at night with my friends and well just chill there in the night talking and climbing over the jungle gym like we might of done when we were just wee lil artists to be. Except now we are much bigger and the night casts a creepy glow over the abandoned playground. You also can't help but notice the light emerging from behind the houses. Reminding you there is a city beyond the hill. And when you go to the playground at the time I usually go, the city will be just as quiet as playground swings.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Good vs. Evil

A diptych of a Good Pete vs. a Bad Pete. Bad Pete's actions are self destructive and back stabbing to myself. And Good Pete keeps Bad Pete under control and bottled up.

NO WORRIES; I am not in any real danger of physically harming myself or stabbing myself in the back. I was just hoping to go for a powerful image that could be really deep and psychological.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Here is a triptych I did over the summer when I was first exploring light through a limited color pallet.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


So I'm going to be continuing posting about artists that inspire me on a different blog. This one is starting to get too messy between posting my work and other artist work. Plus I don't want to get people confused into thinking I made something I didn't. If your still interested in seeing some art work by people who inspire me personally, check it out here

A illustration for the worlds larges firework display.(which was in Portugal) The display wasn't this big, but it makes for a fun image.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


An illustration I did of a person playing a handheld gaming device (a Nintendo DS) and imagining what is going on in the game.

Done with acrylic and tweaked on photoshop.

Pastiche-Traditional Meets Modern

A pastiche I did of Coles Philips' work. With it, I illustrated how traditional Japan blends with modern Japanese, artwork, business, life and ideals. When I visited japan this was very apparent. I absolutely love how Japans history blends seamlessly with its westernization into something that is distincly Japanese.
The original by Coles Philips is down bellow.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Blue and Orange Samurai

A painting I did over the summer. This was the result of playing around with a limited color pallet, and a combination of finished and unfinished painting.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Japan, Land of the Convenient Rising Sun (a short reflection of my trip to japan)

Right when I got off the plain and stepped foot on Japanese soil I was instantly impressed. Everything was so clean and welcoming. When I made my way towards customs I prepped myself for a long line and grumpy employees. I was gladly disappointed. There was little to no wait and happy smiling workers who got me through rather quickly. They even took my prints in the process but it was not with old-fashioned messy ink. Instead, they had state of the art digital scanners. Quick, efficient, and clean, this would be the trend of Japan throughout my stay. I was aware that Japan was advanced technologically, but I did not know the extent of how advanced they where. I just thought they had fancier phones and electronics like that, but they where also clean and quick about everything from trains to food.

When I returned home I felt like I was returning to the past or a third world country. Everything just seems so underdeveloped and dirty compared to Japan. I could not help but compare everything to Japan. The toilets do not clog in Japan, everyone recycles in Japan, trains are on time in Japan, and menus have more pictures in Japan. I could not help myself. The comparisons are endless. The worst part was talking about issues in America, whether they were political or social I would bring up something like, Japans strict policy on drunk driving. And one way they avoid it is through a service called ‘second driver’ where a person will actually drive a drinker’s car and them home instead of driving drunk. It seemed like Japan has already solved most of the issues we are dealing with as a country. I cannot help but ask myself what happened? Where did America go wrong? We used to be innovators and leaders of the world. Now its seems America is falling behind and dropping the ball. Japan is now setting the bar and America does not even seem to be trying to reach for it.
When I arrived back to the states I was greeted with the mess and disorder that is the Newark airport. It was very confusing as to where we had to go to reclaim our luggage, check them in, and find our next flight. The staff was unpleasant and our flight was delayed and moved to a different terminal. As I was waiting for our delayed plain all I could think of was Japan, and how much I missed it already.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


So I'm a little late posting my finals form this year. But only by a month =x I'ld like to say that's because I left for Japan (there will be a post on that soon) a week after school ended... but I have no excuse really.
So anyways, here are my finals from the spring semester!

This is from my illustration II class. It's done with acrylics and is for a book cover. The story for the book as that there was an incident in a classroom where police officers where called in. The classroom was left a mess with no one alive in it with the exception of one traumatize girl. The detective, Mr. Hoffmann, has to solve the case and discover what exactly happened, hows the girl involved and who is responsible for all this. Can Mr. Hoffmann solve the case before more people are hurt?
I came up with the story myself. If you like the sound of it sweet! If you didn't well there is a reason I'm an illustrator ^_^

Now these are my drawings for anatomy class. For my final I chose to explore the human anatomy through robotic prosthetic limbs. This caused me to think about how the muscles and bones function and how that can be mirrored through robotics.
I replaced the bones and muscles with mechanical replacements such as hydraulic pistons.
I enjoy my linework in these drawing and some of the coloring. What I don't care for are the large washes for the walls and floors. I've realized I'm bad with those and will stick to coloring in large areas with ether acrylic or the computer.

And last but not least my computer imaging final. I wasn't too thrilled about only having 5 days for three images. I struggled with a concept that I liked and finally settled on this. They are suppose to be abstracted portraits of myself, Dock, and Gabbi using artistic tools like a pen nib, a mechanical-pencils' eraser, and a paint brush. If you look you can see my blogs website on them. That's because they are meant to be ads for our website that can fit as the wallpaper for an Iphone or Ipod touch.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Power Drill

Done with pen and ink. Found an old drill lying around in my car and thought it would make a great exploded drawing.

Done with pen and ink. I was inspired to do this piece after my dad snapped his achilles tendon during a race and couldn't walk for the longest time. I even put in a photo of a runner on the desk which was based off a actual photo of him.

My first piece posted on blogger. It's a poster for the National Aquarium. Now I was not actuality commissioned by them to make this poster (all-thought that would of been awesome 8D) Instead it was an assignment for computer imaging class.
Let me know what you thing. Comments and suggestions would be nice before I print it out to a full scale poster.

New blog!


Just created a new blog for myself to post my art work and other random stuff. Bear with me as I reformat images and stuff to post. X3