Sunday, June 27, 2010


So I'm a little late posting my finals form this year. But only by a month =x I'ld like to say that's because I left for Japan (there will be a post on that soon) a week after school ended... but I have no excuse really.
So anyways, here are my finals from the spring semester!

This is from my illustration II class. It's done with acrylics and is for a book cover. The story for the book as that there was an incident in a classroom where police officers where called in. The classroom was left a mess with no one alive in it with the exception of one traumatize girl. The detective, Mr. Hoffmann, has to solve the case and discover what exactly happened, hows the girl involved and who is responsible for all this. Can Mr. Hoffmann solve the case before more people are hurt?
I came up with the story myself. If you like the sound of it sweet! If you didn't well there is a reason I'm an illustrator ^_^

Now these are my drawings for anatomy class. For my final I chose to explore the human anatomy through robotic prosthetic limbs. This caused me to think about how the muscles and bones function and how that can be mirrored through robotics.
I replaced the bones and muscles with mechanical replacements such as hydraulic pistons.
I enjoy my linework in these drawing and some of the coloring. What I don't care for are the large washes for the walls and floors. I've realized I'm bad with those and will stick to coloring in large areas with ether acrylic or the computer.

And last but not least my computer imaging final. I wasn't too thrilled about only having 5 days for three images. I struggled with a concept that I liked and finally settled on this. They are suppose to be abstracted portraits of myself, Dock, and Gabbi using artistic tools like a pen nib, a mechanical-pencils' eraser, and a paint brush. If you look you can see my blogs website on them. That's because they are meant to be ads for our website that can fit as the wallpaper for an Iphone or Ipod touch.