Thursday, December 16, 2010

Get Real Action

Drinking and Driving

Just in time for the holidays!
My poster for drinking and driving. Working on this piece was a roller coaster of emotions. I started of really excited and enthusiastic. Once my sketch was approved I jumped right into the painting! Once I got about half way through the painting I was becoming unsure of myself and even my idea. I struggled through to complete the painting and fix up my mistakes but I still wasn't pleased. Once I finished the painting I realized how unhappy I was with it and thought I could do better, so I started a new one. I was excited to re-start and make the painting even better.Half way through that painting I realized I liked the 1st one better. Then I went beck to that one, scanned it, printed it and applied the wine stains. I went to class to present the finished. As soon as I hung it up though I was no longer happy or confident about it. The class liked it but that still hasn't changed my view of it.