Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Power Drill

Done with pen and ink. Found an old drill lying around in my car and thought it would make a great exploded drawing.

Done with pen and ink. I was inspired to do this piece after my dad snapped his achilles tendon during a race and couldn't walk for the longest time. I even put in a photo of a runner on the desk which was based off a actual photo of him.

My first piece posted on blogger. It's a poster for the National Aquarium. Now I was not actuality commissioned by them to make this poster (all-thought that would of been awesome 8D) Instead it was an assignment for computer imaging class.
Let me know what you thing. Comments and suggestions would be nice before I print it out to a full scale poster.

New blog!


Just created a new blog for myself to post my art work and other random stuff. Bear with me as I reformat images and stuff to post. X3